The Second Dinner


“Patty, I am so hungry .” I told my big sister , rubbing my tummy . “But you just had dinner .” Patty reminded me. ” But it’s already time for my second dinner .” I said impatiently . ” There is no such thing as a second dinner ! How much can an eight year old kid even eat ? Where does it all even go ?” She said pointing at my skinny body . This was the first time we were alone at home as our parents were out on dinner and mum had fixed dinner for us which was now in refrigerator . Me being a home alone movie’s fan , I was pretty excited what adventure the night would bring us and soon found out it was an empty stomach as Patty spilled our leftover dinner. ” Don’t worry Sam , help me clean this up and I will think of something , I won’t let you starve for your second dinner.”She said with confidence. Then she fished out a packet of Maggi (a brand of instant noodles ) .” But I don’t really like it ” I said with a disappointing tone . ” Sam , just try it this time , I will make it special for you . ” Patty said partly because she didn’t know how to cook anything else . I know its pretty easy to make Maggi and you don’t have to do anything but the way she made it was enchanting . Carefully adding all the ingredients and stirring them , she was so happy like she was the only one who could make it with such perfection , the expression on her face was of pure bliss.She cooked it with so much love how could I not find it delicious . ” Patty , this is my favourite dish now .” I told her while slurping it . She replied with her big smile that I adore. The Maggi my sister makes is still my favourite dish (for second dinner) .

The Gift



Strolling in the park in the summer breeze with your love , nothing beats this.The cool breeze playing with her hair and bringing back its strawberry scent , it’s just like our first date all over again.Her hand in my hand , nothing will bring me down today. Like all our problems have vanished , but Sara tells me otherwise.

*  *  *  *

I have to tell him , sooner or later he will know , it’s better to tell him sooner , just like a band – aid , fast and steady . I know he always wanted to have kids , a weird mixture of both of us. So no bullshitting just fast and straight forward. ” Paul , I , um , I can’t become a mother , ever .” I whispered . ” What ?”  his trembling voice asked . ” I went to see the doctor and it turns out we can’t have our own weird little mixture . ” I tell him while trembling myself. Then I notice the tears streaming down his face . He hugs me . ” Oh , honey , are you okay ? I am so sorry .” Now tears start flowing down my face also . ” Its okay.We have so many other options now . We can always adopt . We have so much love to give , we will share it with a kid and make him our kid.”

*  *  *  *

Such a great weather to be outside and knitting. Young love everywhere I see , creating their memories and growing more and more in love every second . I know eavesdropping is bad but I can’t help but hear a couple’s conversation standing few feet away. Now this is what I call love , facing all problems together and growing with them . I go towards the crying couple . ” I am sorry for listening in your conversation , here, ” and I hand them the sweater I was knitting , ” I was knitting it for my grandson , but I give it to you as a gift . I hope it will work as a lucky charm and fill your life with the sweet laughter of kids .”

*  *  *  *