Summer Paradise


The chlorine smell hits my nose, the smell of swimming pool , smell of all those childhood memories. All the kids running to the stuffy locker room to change and end this scorching heat by jumping in the cold water of the big odd-shaped pool.The lifeguard shouting and whistling on top of his lungs telling the lazy bums to get out of the pool as their time is way over , but nobody wants to leave the relaxing water and go back to face the hot sun. Today being one of the most sunny day contributes in it also being one of the most crowded day at the pool. Mothers gossiping with other mothers and applying sunscreen under the cool shade of the umbrellas. Kids boasting about their perfect handstand and somersaults and just splashing water everywhere and having a merry time.In the kiddie pool , toddlers covered in tubes and rings trying to keep up with their trainer . Just another fun day at the pool. Time to join the fun and I jump into the pool with a big splash . Ah , now this is my paradise.