His Howls Alight

Eerie eyes
Menacing canines
The wolf prances
A sardonic stride

His howls alight
The dark midnight
Sheep scatter
In ignorance and fright

Lost mighty wolf
In bizarre desert, forlorn
On a fatal hunt
To quench his soul

His howls alight
The dark midnight
Any defiant heart alive
To heed the tender beast’s plight?


Lonely Love

So close, within a few inches
Yet so far, like miles apart
Fingers that linger your touch and
Me that longs for your heart

There is no solace
For a soul in love
Can’t endure or control
This lonely love

Your voice, your eyes, your lips
My brain is a frenzied mess
Is it supposed to be like this?
Enticing but agonising no less

Lives wither away
Never encounter a rarer love
Lucky I am to come across
This lonely love