A Bittersweet Affair

The firstĀ hello in your trembling eyes
The food you devoured with a ghastly prime
The beastly demeanour I trained with might
The being it replaced so loving and kind
The days became shorter and life bright
The strength you
wielded to safeguard my pride
The society feared any different type
The tiny error grew into a mountain climb
The time came to protect my saviour
The inevitable separation became a woeful affair
The promises for forever will always reside
The last goodbye in your haunting eyes

The Meadow

Meet me at the meadow
Where we once met
On a starry night
Over the grass still wet
You looked at me
With your shining eyes
Like you could see
My tethered spirit

Meet me at the meadow
Where you promised me
That this will
Forever be

Meet me at the meadow
Where the flowers bloom
That’s the place
Where I’ll love you.