An Ailing Heart

Deep scars run in the past
Only pain fosters
In a burning heart
Ripping and ripping
A tiny gash
Till a massive lesion
Blackens the man

Pluck the thorn
Out from your life
Ask for help
A hand will appear beside

Heal your wounds
Treat those scars
Live the present
Forget that dreadful past


A Small Bee, A Big Commotion

bee_flying_from_pdphotoDaydreaming in class while the teacher droned on and on and my friend doodling weird shapes she called ‘cartoons’ constituted a typical day. As I was watching the birds fly away, I noticed a honey bee buzzing near by fly and sit on Adam’s leg. Adam usually an observant guy is clueless of this tiny yellow insect perched up on his leg. Sitting in the row to his left, I stare at him wide eyed. He after watching my expression whispered, “What happened?” I calmly pointed at his leg mouthing ‘bee’ not to scare him otherwise the bee might sting him. He looked at me dumbly, not understanding what I was trying to say. Now everybody’s blank face which was first staring at the blackboard are now fixed on Adam. Adam finally saw the bee and looked at me scared as hell saying, “Get it off of me!” and banged his head on the desk and closed his eyes hoping the bee would disappear. Kris, sitting beside Adam, sees the whole situation and takes it upon himself to vanquish the beast. He picked up his book slowly and steadily and then in a flash hit the bee with an echoing ‘Bam!’ but the cunning bee flew away at the right time gracefully leaving Adam in immense pain. “Aaagh! My leg.” Adam cringed holding his leg. Everybody roared in laughter even the stern teacher.

Kris ended up only hurting Adam while the bee flew out the window free and unharmed. Adam’s leg pained for two days. I know it must be scary for him but I couldn’t stop laughing. His expression that changed marvellously from completely clueless to scary movie horrifying in 10 seconds was priceless. I won’t ever forget it at least not anytime soon nor will the rest of the kids let him forget it. That bee made an insanely boring day to an insanely humorous one. Its funny how only a small bee can be the cause of such a big commotion. I guess we should never underestimate anyone based on their size. At least Adam won’t anytime soon.