Lonely Love

So close, within a few inches
Yet so far, like miles apart
Fingers that linger your touch and
Me that longs for your heart

There is no solace
For a soul in love
Can’t endure or control
This lonely love

Your voice, your eyes, your lips
My brain is a frenzied mess
Is it supposed to be like this?
Enticing but agonising no less

Lives wither away
Never encounter a rarer love
Lucky I am to come across
This lonely love


The Meadow

Meet me at the meadow
Where we once met
On a starry night
Over the grass still wet
You looked at me
With your shining eyes
Like you could see
My tethered spirit

Meet me at the meadow
Where you promised me
That this will
Forever be

Meet me at the meadow
Where the flowers bloom
That’s the place
Where I’ll love you.


An Important Lesson


So I was extremely excited . I came early and had already bought all my favourites from the candy bar so I wouldn’t have to go out in the intermission and risk missing any scene of the movie. Popcorn in one hand and coke in another , I was ready to go . It was a premier and me and my sister were going ecstatic ( mostly me ) to see the next instalment of twilight ( a teen series ). The theatre was pretty isolated.

” I can’t believe am finally going to see the movie ! ” I said erratically.

” Yeah , I know huh .” My sister replied while texting on her phone.

Just when we were about to enter the hall , a guy sealed it shut.

” Sorry folks , the show has been cancelled .” He said with a blank expression.

” Wait , What ? Why ?” I asked with a croaked voice.

” Well , the prints came late and its going to take some time to run it , so no-show today. We’ll get you a refund. Feel free to come back tomorrow , I am sure it will be sorted out till then . ” He said leaving me with a shocked expression and a pain in my heart .

Then in an unexpected turn of events , my sister stepped in.

” How dare you ! ” I turned my head towards her . ” How can you people be so irresponsible.We booked the tickets for this show two weeks ago. This movie is already releasing late in India and my sister was so happy to finally be able to watch it. You broke her heart. I don’t want a refund . I want to see this movie TODAY !” She yelled at the manager long enough to scare him to death.

After ten minutes he returned and arranged a show for us after half an hour and refunded our food ( which was half eaten ) and upgraded our seats. I was the perfect picture of joy. That manager was never to be seen again , well I did see one guy run like hell after seeing my sister who looked awful a lot like that manager.That day I understood my sister loves me a lot just doesn’t show it a lot. I loved the movie and learned a very important lesson – Never to get on my sister’s bad side , ever !


The Second Dinner


“Patty, I am so hungry .” I told my big sister , rubbing my tummy . “But you just had dinner .” Patty reminded me. ” But it’s already time for my second dinner .” I said impatiently . ” There is no such thing as a second dinner ! How much can an eight year old kid even eat ? Where does it all even go ?” She said pointing at my skinny body . This was the first time we were alone at home as our parents were out on dinner and mum had fixed dinner for us which was now in refrigerator . Me being a home alone movie’s fan , I was pretty excited what adventure the night would bring us and soon found out it was an empty stomach as Patty spilled our leftover dinner. ” Don’t worry Sam , help me clean this up and I will think of something , I won’t let you starve for your second dinner.”She said with confidence. Then she fished out a packet of Maggi (a brand of instant noodles ) .” But I don’t really like it ” I said with a disappointing tone . ” Sam , just try it this time , I will make it special for you . ” Patty said partly because she didn’t know how to cook anything else . I know its pretty easy to make Maggi and you don’t have to do anything but the way she made it was enchanting . Carefully adding all the ingredients and stirring them , she was so happy like she was the only one who could make it with such perfection , the expression on her face was of pure bliss.She cooked it with so much love how could I not find it delicious . ” Patty , this is my favourite dish now .” I told her while slurping it . She replied with her big smile that I adore. The Maggi my sister makes is still my favourite dish (for second dinner) .

The Gift



Strolling in the park in the summer breeze with your love , nothing beats this.The cool breeze playing with her hair and bringing back its strawberry scent , it’s just like our first date all over again.Her hand in my hand , nothing will bring me down today. Like all our problems have vanished , but Sara tells me otherwise.

*  *  *  *

I have to tell him , sooner or later he will know , it’s better to tell him sooner , just like a band – aid , fast and steady . I know he always wanted to have kids , a weird mixture of both of us. So no bullshitting just fast and straight forward. ” Paul , I , um , I can’t become a mother , ever .” I whispered . ” What ?”  his trembling voice asked . ” I went to see the doctor and it turns out we can’t have our own weird little mixture . ” I tell him while trembling myself. Then I notice the tears streaming down his face . He hugs me . ” Oh , honey , are you okay ? I am so sorry .” Now tears start flowing down my face also . ” Its okay.We have so many other options now . We can always adopt . We have so much love to give , we will share it with a kid and make him our kid.”

*  *  *  *

Such a great weather to be outside and knitting. Young love everywhere I see , creating their memories and growing more and more in love every second . I know eavesdropping is bad but I can’t help but hear a couple’s conversation standing few feet away. Now this is what I call love , facing all problems together and growing with them . I go towards the crying couple . ” I am sorry for listening in your conversation , here, ” and I hand them the sweater I was knitting , ” I was knitting it for my grandson , but I give it to you as a gift . I hope it will work as a lucky charm and fill your life with the sweet laughter of kids .”

*  *  *  *