Lonely Love

So close, within a few inches
Yet so far, like miles apart
Fingers that linger your touch and
Me that longs for your heart

There is no solace
For a soul in love
Can’t endure or control
This lonely love

Your voice, your eyes, your lips
My brain is a frenzied mess
Is it supposed to be like this?
Enticing but agonising no less

Lives wither away
Never encounter a rarer love
Lucky I am to come across
This lonely love


Who To Be, Who Not To Be?


Who to be, Who not to be?
A consumed lawyer, A manipulating barrister
Fighting burdensome plights
Leading to sleepless nights
An observant writer, A lonely tale teller
Always struggling with originality
But only ending up with inanity
A workaholic manager, A ruthless entrepreneur
Overpowered by temptation only
To greet his inevitable conclusion

The choice is mine and mine alone
No matter what fate may be
Only our choices define our destiny
So the question still remains
Who to be, Who not to be?