Die Today

Die today
For a better tomorrow
A mighty death or
A coward’s end
Vessels of earth always crack
A day delayed or
A day anon

Die today
For devoted benevolence
Survive tomorrow
With selfish arrogance
Indispensable are reason and stage
Right ones bestow glory
The false merely agony

Die today
And become eternal
Your deeds alone
Define this life
For only fools choose
A disgraced sentence over
A courageous demise

An Ailing Heart

Deep scars run in the past
Only pain fosters
In a burning heart
Ripping and ripping
A tiny gash
Till a massive lesion
Blackens the man

Pluck the thorn
Out from your life
Ask for help
A hand will appear beside

Heal your wounds
Treat those scars
Live the present
Forget that dreadful past


A Labyrinth

Everywhere I see
Chaos follows
Pending decisions and
Nerve wracking choices
Life building payoff or
Life ending courses

Confusion surrounds
Like fog in winter
Must take careful steps
Can get lost before I enter

Life is a labyrinth
Brimming with alternatives
Pick one, climb the slope
Full of courage and hope


Gloomy Nights

Night illuminates the mind
In lonely head devil resides
All indestructible desires
And tormenting thoughts
Burning deep inside
Extinguish all happiness
Darkness swallows the light

These violent beginnings
Fall off the deep end
Day will shine bright tomorrow but
Night doesn’t let you pretend



Blind or ignorant
What was I before?
The faces I saw
Somehow different to the core
The green blobs were
Leaves all along
His eyes weren’t gloomy
But a mesmeric song

The white frames
Opened the world for me
From 360p to 1080p


The Attainment

Everything appears vague
Blurring my vision
The path seems far
A faint glow of emission

The years pass by
Still no illumination
The path stretches farther
A silhouette in isolation

Now death assumes near
Everything looks clear
The path ahead awaits
Only one breath away