In The Shadows

Eyes seem unnoticed
An invisible nobody
Wanders around aimlessly
Nothing to hope
Something to dream
A big ambition
Full of opinion
Maybe some promise
But no attention
And zero appreciation
The certainty stoops
Drops like flies
A ray of sun
Rejuvenates life
The head remains down
Where is her light?

A Labyrinth

Everywhere I see
Chaos follows
Pending decisions and
Nerve wracking choices
Life building payoff or
Life ending courses

Confusion surrounds
Like fog in winter
Must take careful steps
Can get lost before I enter

Life is a labyrinth
Brimming with alternatives
Pick one, climb the slope
Full of courage and hope


Significance Of Hope


“Hey mom , have you seen the book I was reading earlier ? ” I asked frantically searching my room.

” The Sherlock Holmes one ? No , sorry.” She shouted from the other room.

” I think I left it in the town park, I am going to go check there. ”

So I rushed to the bench in the park where I was sitting earlier in hope of finding it and instead found a girl in a little ragged  old  clothes trying to read my book.

” Hey ! That is my book . ” I said in an angry tone.

” What this ? Sorry I didn’t know , I just found it lying here.” She apologised.

” Its okay ” I said realising she was just a kid.I sat down beside her.

” I saw you weren’t able to read it properly.” I asked after calming down.

” Yeah well ,  I can’t really read.” She said looking at her feet.

” Don’t you go to school ? You look very young . How old are you ? ” I enquired.

” I am 11 and I don’t go to school . My family can’t afford it.” She said sadly. ” That is why I am self-learning .I try to read and write whenever I can. I am not very good right now but soon I will be.Then maybe I can pass the scholarship exam at Global School and study there. Then I’ll be able to earn money when I grow up and my mother won’t have to work so much.” She said with gleaming eyes.

” You are very smart. That is a good plan but you will have to work really hard. ” I said matter-of-factly.

” I know . My mum says that with a little hope anything is possible. ” She replied with a smile.

” Your mum is a smart woman like you. You know I can help you in passing that exam . It’s after 4 months.Come here everyday at 5 o clock and I’ll teach you.Now I have to go. Remember tomorrow at 5. Bye ! ” I said as I was about to leave.

” Wait you forgot your book.” She shouted stopping me.

” You keep it as an early passing gift . ” I said with a big smile. ” Wait, Whats your name ? I am kim. ” I asked remembering I didn’t know her name.

” My name  is also Kim. What a coincidence !” She replied excitedly.

” Maybe not a coincidence at all . ” I said thinking how god works in mysterious ways.

Later  I returned home .

” Did you find your book ? ” My mom asked me.

” Yes and something much more valuable. ” I replied.

That day I found what a little hope can do. That day I found the significance of hope !

Light V/S Dark

8BA_darkness_and_light ” Now Lissa you speak on light and Rose you on dark and demonstrate an argument on Light v/s Dark.” said Mrs. Briggs with a smile on her face, knowing both of them to be very competitive.

( They both staggered nervously to front of the classroom.)

Lissa : Light depicts purity , goodness and peace , it marks the beginning of day and hope for a better one.

Rose : Dark depicts fear , death and depression , it marks the end of day and teaches us that every beautiful day has to end for a more beautiful one to begin.

Lissa : Darkness doesn’t destroy darkness only light can do that. Without light , there will be only dark and in dark only death.

Rose : Without dark , there is no purpose of light. Only in dark , you  miss light , you understand the value of light.

Lissa : Light illuminates people and make them cognizant.

Rose : Only after total darkness , people obtain that light. Only in dark one can see the stars.

Lissa : Light is hope , faith and miracles.

Rose : Darkness is the test or situation to prove all that hope , faith and miracles of light.

Lissa : So as every yin has yang , I guess light can’t be light without dark.

Rose : And dark can’t be dark without light.

( Both went back to their seats satisfied with their performance and understanding that light and dark are  just two sides of the same coin .)




True Love – A Myth ?


What exactly is love?

I think love is such a beautiful thing that it has to be a myth, because something as pure and serene as love can’t survive in today’s ‘survival of the fittest’ world. We all just delude ourselves into thinking we know what love is.In reality, we are selfish and  have a self-serving motive in everything we do , even when we are not able to see it. Mostly its to make our life easier,but life isn’t supposed to be easy or fair.

The true love of soul mate kind of love only exists in movies and books, not in real life.On earth , we have more of a convenient love.Easy going and pragmatic , now that kind of love lasts in real life.We all wonder ,are soul mates really real ? The optimists like to believe they are but even they agree the probability of meeting your soul mate is like a million to one.So people waiting for ‘the one’ better get ready to die alone because the math is definitely not in their corner.

Philosophers say opposites attract but even that is proved through science, so how can people who find logic even in love actually find love.Because love is  supposed to be logic less and clueless.We read a few book and watch some romantic comedies we think we know all there is to know about love.But love is not to be understood , its to be felt.

Love is different for everybody.It doesn’t have to be the soul mate kind , it can also be with someone or something you connect with,that you think understands you in a whole different way.Because in the end, I think , love is all about understanding one another.Its said that when we eat chocolate, the same enzyme is released in our brain and body when we are supposedly in love.So just like we prefer some chocolates over others, some love are strong and some weak.Our favourites in chocolate keep changing exactly how we outgrow some loves because they weren’t meant to be until we taste that ultimate chocolate  which we know will always remain our favourite even though sometimes it may taste bitter.

So to answer the question is love a myth ? well , we have all our life to find out.

Love is the symphony no. fifth

Love is the hope we live with

Love we wish isn’t a myth

Endings are Beginnings in Disguise

thappinessEvery story has an ending. But in life, every ending is a new beginning

Why do things end?

Just when you start getting comfortable it ends.Like when you are bungee jumping, in the starting you feel that weird sensation in your stomach and then after a few minutes when you start enjoying, your time is up!

Ending are , in a sense , inevitable.But they are also the indication of a new beginning.Just as every chapter has to end for a new one to begin.Nonetheless , endings are sad and scary. Sad because it’s over  , like that feeling you get at the end of a good book or movie.Scary because sometimes you will not want to enter a new chapter and leave something familiar for something unpredictable.We don’t want to leave our comfort zone and let our life change.But we forget that change is the only thing that remains constant in this world.Just like the weather , our life is changing every moment in everyday and to keep up with it we also need to change.All species evolve in order to survive , similarly we  also need to adapt to these changes, we also need to evolve.Its the law of nature.

All things must end once they have served their purpose.Nothing lasts forever.All endings are a vital part of all beginnings.Thats why don’t be sad and be brave to enter all new chapters in your life and hope to find happiness.If you are brave enough to say goodbye,life will reward you with a new hello.

So don’t be afraid as endings are beginnings in disguise, beginning of something good , something better.