A Tribute


“See you tomorrow”, Ritika said as I left to go back home after our run in the park .Just when I thought I had overcome my gawkiness, I slipped on a piece of paper. Someone must have dropped it. As I picked it up I noticed it was letter . Ooh a love letter , so exciting . And I started reading it.

Dear Lucy
How are you? Please come back home. Everything is alright now. No one blames you , it wasn’t your fault.It was just your parents time. Death is a part of life , it surely marks the end but also completion of a life. Nobody knows how they will die but I know if given this privilege , your parents would gladly die again to save their precious daughter’s life because that’s what parents do. Honey I know I can’t understand what you are going through , but you don’t have to bear it alone. We will endure this grief together. You owe it to your parents to at least try. Don’t make their death a tragedy , make it a tribute.
Aunt Kim

I read with watery eyes.Later I asked around about the letter’s owner but only to fail. I probably won’t find Lucy or know her full story but I’ll keep her letter to remind me that you always have a choice , choice of how to deal with grief and make that grief fuel for resilience . Turn a tragedy into a tribute. And never forgetting this will be my tribute to this letter.

Lost Childhood

100204_96300970 Childhood the carefree days of roaming around with friends and doing absolutely nothing and whatever your heart desires.But for those children stuck in poverty childhood holds totally opposite meaning. Working everyday to receive two unsatisfying meals and scraping through heaps of  garbage to find one defective shoe and no hope of a better tomorrow. Accept the unfair life they don’t deserve and see others living a  fair life they don’t deserve.Wanting to go to school but instead work in shady places.So many responsibilities on such tiny shoulders.Sacrificing their happiness for their family’s survival.


Childhood once lost never returns

The child gives up his carefree ways to enter this Darwin’s world

All the while  his innocence and virtue burns

Living on others hand me downs from broken glasses to expired bread

Helping mom and dad taking turns

Living on streets like the forgotten old toys

Childhood once lost never returns.