Home In Void

Amidst the wreckage 
The damned
The spoof
Dazzling sun pulled in
A misfit moon
The moon gasped
Sighed entranced
Wandering wondrous beauty
Warm halo intact

Sun embraced the moon on fire
Slaying darkness
Only light to flower
The moon found
Home in void
Orbiting around sun
Inheriting its crown and
Shining voice

Deceiving The Eyes

Tell me what you see
How you see me
With your eyes

The mask of an angel or
The devil in my eyes
The anguish in my voice or
The truth in my lies
The agony on my face or
The composure outside
The sound of my laughter or
The sobbing I hide

Don’t trust the calm
Too much
I am walking on thin ice
It’s only quiet before
The storm
Destroys everything in sight
You see but not perceive
The picture inside
Your eyes only deceive, from
Seeing the beast in my mind