Waiting In The Wilderness

Waiting in the wilderness
In company of the vigorous
The lurking brutes
The tall branched ghouls
The gnarling ponds hiss
The harsh breeze bliss

Waiting to begin
Before the end
The rotting fruits
The withering flowers
A perishing woodland
Waiting for you
Hear the call again
The rushing rain shower
The echoing wind
A melodic riverbed

Dawn till dusk
Silently patient
Waiting in the wilderness
Hope my unbroken inspiration


Home In Void

Amidst the wreckage 
The damned
The spoof
Dazzling sun pulled in
A misfit moon
The moon gasped
Sighed entranced
Wandering wondrous beauty
Warm halo intact

Sun embraced the moon on fire
Slaying darkness
Only light to flower
The moon found
Home in void
Orbiting around sun
Inheriting its crown and
Shining voice

His Howls Alight

Eerie eyes
Menacing canines
The wolf prances
A sardonic stride

His howls alight
The dark midnight
Sheep scatter
In ignorance and fright

Lost mighty wolf
In bizarre desert, forlorn
On a fatal hunt
To quench his soul

His howls alight
The dark midnight
Any defiant heart alive
To heed the tender beast’s plight?