Waiting In The Wilderness

Waiting in the wilderness
In company of the vigorous
The lurking brutes
The tall branched ghouls
The gnarling ponds hiss
The harsh breeze bliss

Waiting to begin
Before the end
The rotting fruits
The withering flowers
A perishing woodland
Waiting for you
Hear the call again
The rushing rain shower
The echoing wind
A melodic riverbed

Dawn till dusk
Silently patient
Waiting in the wilderness
Hope my unbroken inspiration


In The Shadows

Eyes seem unnoticed
An invisible nobody
Wanders around aimlessly
Nothing to hope
Something to dream
A big ambition
Full of opinion
Maybe some promise
But no attention
And zero appreciation
The certainty stoops
Drops like flies
A ray of sun
Rejuvenates life
The head remains down
Where is her light?

Die Today

Die today
For a better tomorrow
A mighty death or
A coward’s end
Vessels of earth always crack
A day delayed or
A day anon

Die today
For devoted benevolence
Survive tomorrow
With selfish arrogance
Indispensable are reason and stage
Right ones bestow glory
The false merely agony

Die today
And become eternal
Your deeds alone
Define this life
For only fools choose
A disgraced sentence over
A courageous demise