The Epitome Of Life

Flying off
On a chief adventure
Lost in a world
Of beauty and treasure
A life of hope is all
I ever imagined
But caught in a web
Casual snack for a spider
Death is peaceful than this
Death has to be peaceful than this


7 thoughts on “The Epitome Of Life

    • My comment initially was supposed to describe how people make bad decisions and then get trapped in them. The spider to symbolize the more distinguished individuals in this dog eat dog world. But I love your interpretation more. Thank you always for reading my posts.

  1. Your thoughts are so well put in this! You have brilliant talent.

    I’d love if you gave my blog a read too! Do leave any sort of feedback you like! So we were playing this game where I ask you a question about me and you ask me a question about you and we see how well we REALLY know eachother.

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